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Has anybody tried out a Traynor YCS50 yet?

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Nobody sells them in the town where I live, and I am wondering if it will be worth the drive to go check one out. Anybody?
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tried out the 50 Blue at my local store and decided then and there it was the amp for me!
Great tube sound for blues and classic heavy rock, nice looking built like a tank and Canadian made to boot!
I tried out various other tube amps and prefered the 50 Blue to any of them for the money.
They seem to be getting good reviews too and if they are built like the Traynors of old,they will last a lifetime.:rockon2:
They are not, and they won't.:smile:

You aren't giving us much to go on,I am sure others like myself would like you to elaborate on your comments.


Well, if your looking for first hand proof, I don't have any. Its just a hunch.
I have read that there are reliability probs with some of the other models, and they seem to show up used quite a bit already. I do know, that the ones I have tried cannot hold a candle to my old Traynors, with good glass and speakers, plus the reliability factor is a known quantity with the vintage beasts. The new trannies cannot compare with the old Hammond iron either.
I am old school, so sue me.

1 - 2 of 69 Posts
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