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Brand spankin new

I've had the ycs50 for about two weeks and I just can't put my guitar down, I bought from L&M for $855 plus taxes so just over a grand. I love this amp, I had the L&M guys put el34s in, instead of the 6l6s then I had them tuck a tungsol in the v1, got two latching pedals(one for reverb/fx, and another for channel switching/boost)and went home and already skipped a day and a half of work.
I have had the ycv 50 blue(like it alot) and the ycv 80s(4x10 and 2x12), nice amps but this is a different beast than those "okay" amps, this actually sounds fuller, I am quite capable of finding some tones in seconds of plugging in, awesome richness with a transparent boost out front. Mmm mmm good.
1 - 1 of 69 Posts
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