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Has anybody owned both Traynors?

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I am tossing up between buying a Traynor YCV40 and a YCV50. At the moment I just play at home for my own enjoyment but now that the kids are growing up I plan to get gigging again. My question is this: I have read that the 40 is loud enough for gigging with, but could it be kept quiet enough for home use, or should I shell out the extra bones for the 50 for the sake of the master volume? Has anybody owned both, are they totally different animals soundwise, or more or less the same sound but with a difference in wattage and the master volume thing? Thanx,
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I haven't owned either one, but play them both every time I'm in L&M... The YCV40 is plenty loud for live performance, and quiet enough for home use. The YCV50 not only costs more but has a different sound. Personally I like the sound of the YCV40 and would go with that.
I'd go fiddy, because i like the EL34 more marshall-style (i think?) tone it gives. when i first tried a 40WR, my mom told me that she really liked the cleans...which was wierd, because i love my YCV80's cleans. but that was a few years ago, so i need to revisit the YCV line :)
The YCV40 has 6l6s therefore it has a more fenrish vide, the YCV50 has EL34s. Both have nice and warm sounding clean channels, the 40 has "better" cleans according to most people, because of the nature of 6l6 tubes. But from my own experience, the cleans on the 50 are just as nice. The lead channel is where the real difference comes in. The 50 has way more gain and the lead channel is much tighter sounding, it kinda has a marhsall vibe to it. The 40s lead channel is more vintage sounding (more suited to blues and classic rock). The master volume isn't that much of an issue, since both amps are quite usable for playing quietly at home. In my opinion, it all boils down to what kind of lead channel you want.
I owned the 50. As others have said, it's more Marshall sounding. You can really warm up the clean channel by putting better tubes in it though.

It has a Master Volume which is actually pretty decent in my opinion. You can get ok tones at lower volumes.
I've got the YCV50 and feel that it likes single coil pickups better than humbuckers, but it's great with either. I love the master volume, but wish the reverb was footswitchable. It's a killer amp for the Tele and I chose it over the YCV40 for that purpose.

Peace, Mooh.
...i have the ycv40wr, and its not going anywhere. it has performed flawlessly since i bought it some five or six years ago. but i'm very curious about the "blue" marshall-y tones.

I have the YCVBlue. I've replaced the power tubes with Svetlanas. The clean of this amp is good not Fendery clean but still great. Lot's of gain in this amp too. Gets even better with the YCX112 cab. It just opens up the sound more.
I've got two YCV40's. I've done some experimenting with tubes and speakers. I'ven tried one of them through my 1960A cab. With the band, I use a Mesa DC-5 and the other guitarist uses one of my YCV's. Quite frankly, I think that thay are an exceptional amp and work extremely well at basement levels too (which is why I have two - one for home). I've yet to find a "Blue" but I keep my eyes open.

I don't know how different the circuits actually are other than the Blue sacrifices the presence for a master volume, which should allow for a bit of pre-amp grind on the clean channel, and of course the EL34's vs the 6L6's. I read recently that the tubes actually have less of an impact on tone - it's went: circuit, speaker, cab construction, and then tubes. Seemed odd to me but then Marshall sounds like Marshall whether they're using EL34s, 84's, 6550, or KTs - so there may be truth to it. My YCV40 sure took on a lot of Marshall personality when fed through the 1960A.

Anyway, long story short - I don't think that you can go wrong with any of the YCV's. There do seem to be lots of used 40's to be had for very reasonable prices and not so many 50's so if cost is a factor.....
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Ya for some reason the resale value on these amps is brutal. You can pick them up for half of what they go for new sometimes. And a lot of times they are even still under warranty! Since the warrant is completely transferable, you can really clean up with that deal.
the reason i like a master volume is because if i bump the volume knob while setting it, i cant go from "nice house volumes" to "stupid-freakin-loud!" by accident. keeps me and my parents happy haha
Well, I am starting to lean toward a YCV50, but when I went to my local L&M today, the manager (a friend) said I had better wait and check out the NEW YCS50! Just when I thought I was on track, there's a new one coming over the horizon-guess I'll have to take his advice and just wait a bit longer...
A YCS combo? Damn, maybe this is the amp that I've been waiting for, a 3 channel "do-it-all" tube combo that won't break the bank.
Actually, I heard it's only got 2 channels, basically the YCS head in a combo with one channel removed, but it sounds like it will be a killer amp!
One channel removed? ...Ehh looks like Traynor didn't really think this through. The key feature of the YCS series in the first place was the 3 independent channels. Blah.
but you can get a mesa DC calibre for not much, can you not?
Dang it! my Traynor GAS is back again! lol. I'd probably go for the YCV50, provided I had the funds.....

I am accepting donations to the "Buy James a New Amp Fund"
I`ve owned both

I have moved from a YCV40- to a YCV40WR and now a YCV-50. SOI am replying even thought I have not much new to add, I agree with many of the posts here great amps.

I would reccomend the YCV40 WR over the regular YCV40, or just change out the speaker as you see fit. I liked the WR with the Celstion V30 a lot better than the stock 70/80.

I preferred the lead tones in the 50 and found the master was a big part of gettgin these tones, for my rig and playing I need the master at around 1:00 2:00 oclock - ie friggin loud to open up and get dynamic. As a result I tend to like the amp best when it is away from my slightly tilted and playing into a large room. I find the clean channel sounds best with the master in the same range.

Now I bought the amp for it`s drive channel but not before I A/B the cleans, to my ear the el34 YCV50 was good enuff, I could hardly tell, it`s no 5E3 Deluxe or anything but it can sound good.

did I mention I bought it for the drive channel, 90% of my playing is on the clean channel with a radial ToneBone for drive and lead boost, whoops!

I find it difficult to get a third channel out of the amp so I tend it use the lead channel with the Boost engaged for over the top and the clean channel as a two channel using my radial for grind . I could never get a successful crunch combined with nice lead tone out of the lead channel,for me it is one or the other. Then typically I would find the lead tone out of character and would not use it but revert to my tone bone with the gain crancked up a bit.

If you`ve read this far than know this, I am moving towards a single channell amp! I am sure others have and will chime in on how to use the YCVs as a 3 channel amp. YMMV as mine has.!

Cheers, out, Mark.:smilie_flagge17:
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I think I am really leaning toward the YCV50. I think the YCS50 is gonna be a little too hightech for me (at least I will feel that way until I see it in person).
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