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I picked up a Hartke GT-60 last week from my local music store, for $399.

and you know what? for a cheap amp it ain't bad.
60 wt solid state with a 12ax7 on the preamp. 4 - 8" (!?!?) speakers - but I figure that Hartke makes mostly bass amps, so they probably won't explode too easily.
A 'mini' 1/2 stack, it's about waist high.

My initial impression (I haven't had a chance to put the volume to it yet) is that it's too solid-statey on the gain channel for my liking. The crunch channel is okay. Luckily I'm a gear hog, so I dug out my old Digitech RPM1 Leslie Sim - which has a 12AX7 in it. Running that on the front end seems to warm it up nicely.

And I'll probably put the pedals to this amp anyway.

Umm, the REASON I bought it - I'm practicing with some old band mates in Edmonton maybe once a month. I don't want to leave one of my Marshall combos up there, nor do I want to be constantly transporting one. I wanted something cheap, with a bit of jam to it. And something I can turn into a clean practice amp later for my BX3 keyboard.

I wouldn't recommend this amp for a bedroom practice amp though. Might be okay through headphones (I haven't tried that), but at low house volumes it sounds pretty crappy.

Seemed to fit the bill nicely for me, and $399 new?

Anyone been using one of these for awhile? Blown one up yet?
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