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happy new guitar day!!!

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So I got a new guitar yesterday!! Here she is.

It's a Washburn USA MG-90. One of washburns superstrat style guitars made in the mid 90s, this particular one's a '94 model. Made in the Washburn USA custom shop in Chicago with top of the line parts and woods. Here's the specs:
-1 piece mahogany body
-maple neck with a really sweet looking rosewood board
-jumbo frets
-Wilkinson USA VS100 bridge
-Gotoh locking tuners
-Duncan SSL-5 neck and middle pups, Duncan JB in the bridge (coil tappable)
She's without a doubt one of the nicest and most versatile guitars I've ever laid hands on. Truly fantastic craftsmanship, the guitar's quite light and very resonant. The Wilky bridge is one of the smoothest most stable bridges ever. The duncan pups are just fantastic and offer so much versatility. The JB allows me to rock out while the single coils and coil tapped JB are just wonderful for clean and blues tones. And the neck, the neck is just fabulous, it feels perfect and the thin satin finish just feel so nice and smooth. All in all, this is one hell of a guitar. I saw her on craigslist/kijiji going for 500$, I managed to talk the guy down to 450$. These USA Washburns may have crap resale value, but for players like me who just want a nice playing/nice sounding guitar, it was an absolute STEAL at 450$. Now I think I'm gonna go play some more. :banana::banana::banana:
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