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happy new guitar day!!!

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So I got a new guitar yesterday!! Here she is.

It's a Washburn USA MG-90. One of washburns superstrat style guitars made in the mid 90s, this particular one's a '94 model. Made in the Washburn USA custom shop in Chicago with top of the line parts and woods. Here's the specs:
-1 piece mahogany body
-maple neck with a really sweet looking rosewood board
-jumbo frets
-Wilkinson USA VS100 bridge
-Gotoh locking tuners
-Duncan SSL-5 neck and middle pups, Duncan JB in the bridge (coil tappable)
She's without a doubt one of the nicest and most versatile guitars I've ever laid hands on. Truly fantastic craftsmanship, the guitar's quite light and very resonant. The Wilky bridge is one of the smoothest most stable bridges ever. The duncan pups are just fantastic and offer so much versatility. The JB allows me to rock out while the single coils and coil tapped JB are just wonderful for clean and blues tones. And the neck, the neck is just fabulous, it feels perfect and the thin satin finish just feel so nice and smooth. All in all, this is one hell of a guitar. I saw her on craigslist/kijiji going for 500$, I managed to talk the guy down to 450$. These USA Washburns may have crap resale value, but for players like me who just want a nice playing/nice sounding guitar, it was an absolute STEAL at 450$. Now I think I'm gonna go play some more. :banana::banana::banana:
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Wow, nice! :D

I love the natural finish and the use of single coil at the neck.

Nice looking guitar. I'm not a strat guy , but I love the mahogany body and Duncans. Congrats.....

Dayumm, I just came back from a jam session with my buddy's band and this guitar just sang through the BF Twin Reverb and the rock tones with the JB through his Plexi were just mind blowing:rockon2:.
Good choice on the Mercury. They have great necks. I used to have an army of those things. I still have about 8 of them left, but they are the 92-93 models that had a Floyd and 24 fret necks. If you are looking for another, one of my old ones is sitting in Songbird in Toronto. Its been there for about 3 years which is scary because its such a great guitar but people just walk past it becuase its not fancy. Its a MG102, which is the same as this one, but has 2 humbuckers, and its painted red............
Nice guitar - big congrats to you! Looks sleek and organic in that finish. Big fan of Washies here.
Right on Cake!

I have a Washburn mandolin and my dad has a beautiful Electric acoustic (both 80s models) and I have nothing but positive impressions of both.

If the quality of their acoustic instruments is any indication I'm sure their electric solid bodies are great!
Awsome guitar love natural fineshes and custom shop pieces... excellent price... Washburns are great... I personally love Washburn and the fact that they have a lower resale value is only a good thing for players wanting excellent quality to $$$ ratio... as good as any other superstrat...

Enjoy it... i know you will.

Thanks all, these Washburns are definitely a "player's guitar", the more I play her, the more I love her:D. Thank god it's a Washburn, if it was a Fender or something you'd probably have to pay well over a grand for something like this.
$450 or all that! Nice deal and ncie looking guitar. What a steal
Definitely a nice catch!
Enjoy 'er.

Washburns are underrated instruments.
I've owned my rs-10v since '88. It's
also handcrafted in the US. Unfortunately
mine only has licensed hardware (floyd whammy)
and EMG selects. But it is 1 of a 1100 only
produced in '87 and '88 (so I've been to gather).

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that lower horn looks PRS'ized whereas the rest doesnt :p

very nice guitar
The RS series guitars were made in Asia, not the USA.............
that lower horn looks PRS'ized whereas the rest doesnt :p

very nice guitar
Thanks Budda.
You can't tell by the pic but the
whole body is contoured ala PRS.

The RS series guitars were made in Asia, not the USA.............
I've had a hard time researching this. There's so little info out there.
Can you point me to where you found this? I'd appreciate it.
Thanks in advance.
I know some of the people at Washburn very well. The custom shop wasnt opened until 1992. There were some US guitars made before that in 1990 and 1991, and these were the N4s made by the Stephan's Custom shop in Seattle. The RS series guitars were made in 1987 to 1989, and had a list price of $669 for the RS10, and $599 for the RS8. They were a great deal when they were new, I think I have some of the old ad slicks from back then..........
That's cool to know.
Thanks Accept. Are the N4's
the Bettencourt models? Also, what's
the chance that you can scan/email the ad
for the RS to me? You can PM me, I'll
pass on my address.
Yup, N4s are Nuno's. I can email you a copy............
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