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Hamm guitar review

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Well here it is. As some of you know I was the first person to spend some time with the Hamm community guitar. Before I say what I think about the guitar I just want to say that this is just what I think of the guitar. I do not get anything or lose anything based on my review it is tottaly just what I think and other people may feel differently when they play it.

So with that said, the first thing you always notice is how it looks. When I pulled it out of the case thought "wow" looks good. Is it perfect? No. The body is finished very well but the binding on the neck could use some work. It has some spots in it(black dots) and a few areas on the body binding as well but very little. It's the kinda thing you wouldn't notice a foot away. Also on the very end it fretboard(by the pickup) it has big black mark. To me these things are pretty minor for a guitar in this price range and it really doesn't bother me. If this was a $2000 guitar it would be different. The inlays are very nice and are better than on some guitars costing much more money. Fret work is nice with the exception of the 1st fret bass side and 21st fret treble side. The 1st is lifting a tiny bit and the 21st is kind of scratched up a bit. Both do not effect the playing at all. The hardware is much better than I expected. I've played a lot of low cost guitars and most of the time the hardware and electronics are crap. Not the case here, the hardware is nothing special but everything does it's job. The tuners tune and don't slip and they are not loose or sloppy. The bidge and tail peice are fine and I don't see any need to change them. The guitar even has good strap buttons. OK that may seem stupid and minor but I find most guitars comes with ones that are useless and can't keep a strap on at all. Want more stupid and minor stuff?? The screws aren't stripped, something else I find on lost cost guitars is that a lot of the screws are stripped when it still brand new.

Ok so how does it play?? Very nice. The neck is thinner than I'm used to but I find it comfortable. There is some fret buzz higher up on the lower strings. The action is also lower than I like so that is no problem to fix. I find it easy to play and get around the neck fast. The guitar is light and comfortable to hold and it is pretty loud unplugged. Ok time to plug it in. This is where I was honestly expecting to be dissapointed. Only because of so many guitars I've played the have crap p/u's and pots. First off it has a tone control that works. Nuff said. The p/u switch works fine but does feel a bit sloppy. Might have to change that. The bridge pickup is not bad. I'm not to big on the clean sound of it but dirty isn't to bad. The neck pickup I like the sound of. Very full and warm. Sounds good clean or dirty. I played it thought 4 different amps(2 tube, 2 solid)using mainly the neck p/u and it sounded good with all of them. I really like playing it through my main rig, it had the sound I like. Simple as that. I might change the bridge p/u but not the neck.

I'm probably forgeting stuff here but oh well. So overall, it looks pretty good, it plays nice and it sounds nice. I can honestly say that in this price range this is the best guitar I've played. Is it good enough to be my number 1? No. Is it good enough to be a back up guitar? Yes. Would I buy it? Yes. Am I going to buy one?????????? Yes. I like it, I put it away for a few days and I got the urge to get it out. I've had and have guitars that didn't/don't call me to play them. So for the price of this guitar why wouldn't I buy it? Simply put, I like the guitar.

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Great review, thanks for that. Those "minor details" you pointed out in your review are actually some of the key things I like to know about when searching for a guitar, so thanks for the very thorough review! Enjoy that axe!
Cross said:
Great review, thanks for that. Those "minor details" you pointed out in your review are actually some of the key things I like to know about when searching for a guitar, so thanks for the very thorough review! Enjoy that axe!
+1 on that. Thanks for a very unbiased review. For the price a Hamm guitar seems like an excellent bang for your buck.
Great review - thanks for going into detail on it.

I think I'm going to email him and see if I can check one out of the hard tails soon. (As I live very close to the hammer)
Thanks for the review, hope to see a few more of these as time goes on, at this price, like you stated the few defects you did note, are not to bad at all. Good to know, as that hard tail looks mighty appealing :D
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