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Haligonians unite!

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I just read this morning that the Oxford theatre on Quinpool Rd. was being sold by its Cineplex owners, and that the new owners were planning to turn it into retail space ( Oxford Theatre, Halifax's cinematic icon, to close after 80 years ). What a damn shame.

Major cities always have a heritage repertory theatre or "art house" somewhere near the university community, and the Oxford's role in Halifax is no different.

Reading the history of the sale of the property is like a microcosm of contemporary economic history. This property gets sold off to that conglomerate, then to that one, and along the way the soul gets lost to profit speculation.

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People don't care about what's important anymore.
Oh I think they "care". It's just that their ideas about what is important may be a little skewed from yours and mine. I'm surprised that the purchaser is the property-holdings company started by the guy whose family owns the donair place just down the street. Not that any Haligonian needs a movie to buy a donair, but I would imagine that a big chunk of his restaurant business was traditionally from people dropping in before or after a film.
To be honest, I've only been there once. It's a great spot to catch special movies or premieres though.
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