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There are a few old sayings, and they are good ones.
Mind your own business
what goes around comes around
. Last year I purchased one of those enclosed fireplaces for outside. Used it about 5-6 times and one day the geek that lives behind me leans over the fence and tells me he works for the fire department and that they are illegal. Half the people in Thorold burn wood in their yards and unless you get stupid and start a bon fire, other people could care less. This bum is a volunteer and was trying to throw his perceived authority around. I was a volunteer for 5 years myself, many years ago, but I never ran around pretending to be the fire marshall.

So at the time I basically said, hey bud, chill out. A few nights after that my kids had some friends over and they fired up. 20 minutes later the fire trucks were here. OK, no problem. This morning I get up and by the jesus, ain't he out there burning brush????

I stomped over to the fire dept and 10 minutes later the trucks were up there telling him to put it out. he had about 6 friends over there helping him to cut down a tree. So the moral of the story is.... mind your own business, and we can all live happily together. Boy was he pissed. Either the stupidest person I have ever known, or has nuts the size of grapefruit to try that stunt on my watch. :banana:

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I think that is great !!!!!! LOL
I had a neighbour like that, knew everything about everything, would run power tools at 7 am on weekends,his kids were inconsiderate a*******. I finally got fed up and sold my house and moved out to the middle of nowhere.
Last I heard his wife had an affair with the guy that bought my house, kicked him out and moved the other guy in and they are now getting a divorce.
What goes around sure does come around !!!!!:food-smiley-004:

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