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Guitar pots... mini's

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I am looking for a good quality pot to put in my Epi Sheraton II. The reason I say mini's is because the standard 24mm won't fit in the hole....:eek:
I have checked the RS guitarworks kits at there site and they are all the standard 24mm CTS pots. I really don't feel like enlargening the whole...:rolleyes: But I'd like to get some good quality pots for the guitar. I have already changed the switch out with a switchcraft it fit no problem. Changed the tuners and looking at a new bridge.. possibly tone pro. Anyway back to the post content if you have any suggestions I'd like to hear. Oh yea pot size is 16mm. Thanks.
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Did you consider calling Roy @ RS to see if he could get them for you? Great guy to deal with.
May have to come to that, I'll see if they will make a package .. thanks Dave
I asked over at RS and they don't carry anything other than the larger pots. So the search continues.
Geez I was on there site the other night looking at bridges but completely missed them. Thanks for the link Dave these will probably work for me.
TO put any kind of decent pots in you will probably have to enlarge the mounting holes or you could try the alpha pots they are OK but not fabulous.I think you are confusing the mounting hole size with the size of the pot.
They advertise the mini's as 16mm and the reg at 24mm in most the stock list I have looked at. The standard size will not fit through the sound holes for me to get it in. I believe the measurement above are the size of the pots not the mounting holes, 24mm is pretty close to an inch and that would be a big hole... Usually minis require 1/4 inch and reg use 3/8
I think you may be confusing the mounting hole size with the actual pot size as the import pots have a smaller mounting hole.
It might be easier to mount the new electronics through the pickup routes if this is possible .Idid this on my old 335
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