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Hello everyone,
My name is James Naro and I have just started a shop in Toronto ON.
I Just moved to a new location where I can start showing some people how to build a guitar.
I am charging $999 to build a Telecaster, Les Paul, Stratocaster or a (PRS) Paul Reed Smith style guitar.
I supply all the wood unless you want a very specific and expensive type of wood, all power and hand tools needed, volume and tone pots, 3 way toggle switch, bleached bone nut and use of guitar template for the style of guitar you are building. You will have to provide your own hardware such as pickups, bridge, pickup rings and tuners etc.

Everything is hand made in my shop no CNC machines are being used. You will also be wiring up your guitar from scratch and of course you get to keep what you build.

Shoot me a email if you are interested in building a guitar.
[email protected]
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I took a peak at you Facebook page, and I just want to offer up some constructive feedback.
My initial observations, speaking just from my own experience and what I can see through photos alone, is that I would try hone in on the craft a touch more, before hanging up a shingle and offering to teach. Quality of work aside, your costing alone speaks of a lack of experience, and in my opinion, will not be sustainable.

One thing you could consider is subletting out space/time to other novice makers or folks contemplating getting into it.
I know when I first started out repairing and building from home, I would have loved a 'makers space', somewhere I could just go and use a band saw or planer for 15 minutes.
On that note; however, your tools, while OK for hobby work, would need to be upgraded in order for you to be able to attract clientele willing to 'lease' or rent.

Otherwise, welcome to the forum!
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He is offering a service!
How did you start?
My observations were as much a critique as they were advice, settle down there with the exclamation point and all.
It's ok to not praise absolutely everything everyone posts, and have an open honest discussion respectfully.

I suggested he focus more on further honing in on his craft, and perhaps sublets his space (as it would seem that he's looking to generate extra cash) to generate some cashflow that way, and not by "showing some people how to".
He even confirms my comments around his costing being off, saying: "Going somewhere else to build would cost no less than 2000 bucks for building a guitar."
Exactly my point, that's why I said his costing was too low.
His very first posts on this forum were strictly to flog his services. (that in itself is against the rules and requires paid subscriptions), "showing some people how to build a guitar. I am charging $999 to build a Telecaster, Les Paul, Stratocaster or a (PRS) Paul Reed Smith style guitar" .

Right out of the gate, I can tell you, you are not building a Les Paul, let alone showing someone how to, for $999, not profitably and sustain-ably anyway.

This is a general discussion page around building and such, not a forum section to flog your services.
So being open to some honest feedback should be expected.

And to answer your question, I started by practising as much as I could, working for, with, and under others much more knowledgeable than me. And now, even as someone with experience, I still wouldn't feel confident enough to charge someone to show them how to build a guitar, the same way I wouldn't charge for lessons simply because I can play guitar.

Jame Naro, please don't take offence to what I said, that was not my intent. The very best advice I ever received as an aspiring builder was honest and to the point and did not feel that great, it made my work better however.
This area of the forum has many knowledgeable builders for you to lean on.
I look forward to your contributions and please feel free to reach out with questions, as that is how I learned, and continue to learn. Knowledge sharing among builders is so crucial in my opinion.
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