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Hello everyone,
My name is James Naro and I have just started a shop in Toronto ON.
I Just moved to a new location where I can start showing some people how to build a guitar.
I am charging $999 to build a Telecaster, Les Paul, Stratocaster or a (PRS) Paul Reed Smith style guitar.
I supply all the wood unless you want a very specific and expensive type of wood, all power and hand tools needed, volume and tone pots, 3 way toggle switch, bleached bone nut and use of guitar template for the style of guitar you are building. You will have to provide your own hardware such as pickups, bridge, pickup rings and tuners etc.

Everything is hand made in my shop no CNC machines are being used. You will also be wiring up your guitar from scratch and of course you get to keep what you build.

Shoot me a email if you are interested in building a guitar.
JamesS[email protected]
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This entire post was very well written, IMHO
Yeah, but for a private conversation.

They could have gone back and forth constructively there and the OP could have edited as needed.
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First time on here. I will remember this for the next time I think about posting something.
You don't have to remember, since you wouldn't typically start a pm in this instance.

The fact that you didn't ask for constructive 'feedback' yet someone decided to give it, and then you decide to be a gentleman about it speaks volumes. I respect that.
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