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Might not be quite on topic, but..

I travel a lot with my job. I usually take along a Squier Tele (Fender Bullet 11's, BTW) and my laptop. The laptop is required for my work, it's not just for jammin'.

I have the following (free!) software on the laptop:

Simulanalog Guitar Suite (free VST Plug-in)
MiniHost (free VST host program)
Hammerhead (free drum program)
Audacity (free multitrack recorder)
lots of MP3 backing tracks (mostly from

(and also a 1/4" mono jack to 1/8" stereo jack cable, it goes into the mic jack on the laptop - six bucks or so at my local Long & McQuade)

- perfect for hotel room jammin' thru headphones.

You could also jazz it up by adding one of those $79 Jam Lab USB things from M-Audio, but my rig has the advantage of being free. (other than the laptop, but my company supplied that....)
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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