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Wild Bill said:
Don't get me wrong, RB! 'Boogies have at least one good sound - crunch! They do a great job on it. Not surprising, since they appear to have swiped the circuit exactamundo from Mike Soldano's SLO100! :mad:

You can't get a good clean tone outta 'em to save your soul but hey, it's all taste.

This is all just the humble opinion of an old solder-sniffin' grunt and you can take it or leave it but just remember, it's grunts like me who might be totalling up a repair bill for you someday! :D
I see where you're coming from, my friend has a Nomad 55 and all I know is that it does sound good. But like you say the clean is not the greatest, but in my(not very experienced) opinion I like it. He just got it not long ago and we were a/b-ing it with some other amps. Some had nicer cleans but could not touch the dirty side of it. I found a lot of amps got very muddy when the gain was turned up. Not the Nomad, you could crank it and still pick out every note. But that doesn't really matter anyways cause its his amp not mine. I'm still on my seach for what I want.
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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