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Hi, I just bought myself a Tascam DP24 to do some high quality (hopefully!) demos with my band. I specifically bought this unit because it seems to be one of the easiest for trying to get from tracking to a finished product without getting bogged down in details inherent to the myriad of choices that a computer based DAW provides, and/or distracted/annoyed by the internet, plugin incompatibilities, latency, etc.

It would seem that most guides and books out there are for mixing/mastering on computer-based DAWs. Is there any simple guide you can think of that would help me? I know mixing/mastering is an art, and one should "use your ears" and all that, but some basic recommendations would be very helpful regarding:
1) cutting/boosting frequencies in certain instruments and its effects on other instruments.
2) the use of delay. reverb and compression both in mixing and mastering
3) limiting and normalization.
4) panning

Thanks for the advice!
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