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So I wound up taking my 15 year old to London yesterday for Green Day. He was supposed to go with his cousin, but as luck would have it - his cousin just started a new job last Thursday so he couldn't get the time off to go.

I was impressed by it. Can't say I know much of their stuff - but I was surprised by how many tunes of theirs I did recognize. When they first came out, I was still out following the Grateful Dead around so never really gave them much thought. Nice to see guys giving it hard rather than the more stoic and immobile acts I tend to see... Was very surprised I got an email from the arena yesterday afternoon saying they would be playing until 11:30 - which led to us leaving during the encore to hit the highway back to the GTA. They did a nice little Johnny B. Goode cover for Mr. Berry, as well as a medley of other cover tunes such as Satisfaction, Hey Jude, Shout!, Careless Whisper...

They pulled a couple guys up on stage to help sing with them, and pulled a 17 year old girl up who said she had played guitar for 8 years to play on a tune. It didn't go so well for her, but they let her keep the guitar and told her it's so she can go take more lessons. Fun time, certainly for my son.

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