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Great Half Stack

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Hi my name is Peter and I'm a newbie from Georgetown Ont. I'm thinking of buying a Marshall AVT150HX with the AVT412AHX cabinet , but wanted to know what other's were using and why?
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I use different ones for different stuff...

High gain / metal stuff (what I usually play) I use my Randall RG75G2 and I use this for practicing everyday as well... I'm buying a Randall RG50TC (Randall's all tube combo) soon too. Rock / anytime I go into the jammin' room I usually use my JCM800 w/ 1960 cab or my step dad's JCM900 w/ 1960 (I also use these when I feel like going deaf :eek: ).

On the note of your amp choice, I have a Marshall AVT50HX which I used to use to practice with (with a 1960) and it was OK... cleans were decent, nice and warm. Overdrive... warm, but sounded a bit fuzzy when you raised the gain up.

What's your total budget and what type of music are you looking to play? You could probably get a much better amp.

EDIT: Yikes, that's $1,149.98 + taxes if you're going new. Does it have to be a half stack? Like you could get like a Peavey 6505 combo for $100 more and it's much better. Or a used all-tube Marshall combo for less. They have speaker out as well, so if you decide you want the booming bass of a 4x12 later you can just plug it in lol.
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Thanks for your opinions! presently I'm playing a Fender Strat + Epiphone Les Paul through a Digital RP50 processor into a 200 watt "Kustom" sound system. We play in church and outdoor concerts, I guess way back in my day (now 50) bigger was better ha! ha! I'll check out the amps you suggested. Budget is $1,200

$1,200 is a pretty good budget... I'm gonna say check out the Laney VC30, Peavey Classic 30 (go for $400 used... if you can find one you'd have enough cash left to get a good 2x12 too) and check locally for some used Marshalls.

Lots of great combos in that range, especially if you go used.
I play in a church too :)
What kind of music do you play in a church? Not a religious man so I have no idea, lol only time I've been near one was for weddings I've attended.

I don't have the slightest clue where Georgetown is, lol but if you're interested Songbird has a JCM800 2x12 combo for $999 and I'm sure they'll ship it.

50 watts all tube + 2 12 inch speakers = loouuud. But if you can find a Laney (only their all-tube ones though, their solid state ones aren't too great IMO) locally definetly try one out... it's like a mix of modern and Marshall tones. Very, very nice.
Oh I get it, like Christian rock... for some reason that didn't even come to mind.
Unless you're a single effect pedal and all-tube freak, that would totally work lol I loves me some tubes and effects.

That said I kind of got "stuck" with a POD XT Live... bought it for a friends birthday and it turns out his effin' parents bought him one too. No big deal though, gave him a $150 instead. Well, I guess I shouldn't say "stuck" 'cause it's not a terrible thing to have.

Long story short, I've decided to use it for silent recording. Great for night time... tried it through the PA and it was decent, but you could tell the difference between the all-tube and the POD (mainly the way it reacted to my picking / finger dynamics). But yeah, lots of fun sounds in the PODXTL. I'm sure the ME-50 is a lot like it.
im fairly sure the ME-50 doesnt model amps, which i believe the POD's do.

XTL should sound pretty snazzy with a tube power amp pushing even a 112 (peavey 50/50 power amp maybe?)
Oh yeah, duh, I was thinking about the GT line of Boss stuff.

Those Tonelab clips sound pretty similar to what I could get out of the POD (with a lot more thickness to it, of course due to the quality of the recording it kind of lacks some) through my step dad's PA... the crunch one especially, with the JCM 800 model selected and a tube screamer for a bit more overdrive on the leads.

Still prefer the real deal though... I have the advantage of having 2 all-tube Marshall stacks sitting beside the modeller so I got the chance to hear the difference first hand! If you're on a budget (or have a bad back!), go for a modeller. If not, go for somethin' better.

Anywho, we're gettin' a bit off topic aren't we? Haha, since the OP doesn't have a small budget he's got a TON of amazing options. Let's know what you end up with.
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if you're looking at the VK, do yourself a favour and look for a used classic 30. USA made, all tube, sweet tones.
YES! Avoid that Valveking.
I have an AVT50HX (latest release in the Valvestate series) and it's far from thin and sterile. Trying to sell it since I don't use it anymore but it's definetly not a terrible amp. The older Valvestates on the other hand... very harsh to the ear. Reminded me of the MG when I played it, lol.
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