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Great Half Stack

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Hi my name is Peter and I'm a newbie from Georgetown Ont. I'm thinking of buying a Marshall AVT150HX with the AVT412AHX cabinet , but wanted to know what other's were using and why?
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sounds like you want a mesa boogie stilletto ace combo.

dont get that marshall, it's not that great. also look at:

orange rockerverb 30? dunno if that'd be in your budget... stupid euro..
traynor YCV50
laney VC30
Peavey classic 50

and that's all i can think of right now :)
gotta love those moments eh? :p

fx - boss ME-50
amp - mesa stiletto ace

you'd be SET!
im fairly sure the ME-50 doesnt model amps, which i believe the POD's do.

XTL should sound pretty snazzy with a tube power amp pushing even a 112 (peavey 50/50 power amp maybe?)
Try out the Traynor YCV50 Blue and include the YCX112 extension cab. Gives you an option to go 2X12s when you need it.
there is that exact setup for sale in ottawa for $700. im tempted, i'd sell my YCV80 lol.
I think I'm starting to lean towards the Peavey Valveking 212. Looks like good value for the money as I can get it at L.A. Music in Toronto for $599
NO! bad dog! lol j/k dude

VK's are peavey's only all-tube imports as far aas i know of. they also have a track record for dying on people, and for the money you could probably score a better SS amp (tech 21 trademark 30, vox AD, peavey transtube series).

if you're looking at the VK, do yourself a favour and look for a used classic 30. USA made, all tube, sweet tones.
oh its a decent amp, but all peavey's good rep is from their USA made tube stuff, and i think that some of their SS stuff is USA made as well (the XXL is/was).

a used classic 30 runs in the same price range, and will probably sound better as well.
wierd, i've heard an AVT sound decent enough that i didnt make faces to my guitarist friend at the show..

maybe im just crazy, or maybe the guy playing knows how to set an EQ lol. by the way, laneys are crazy expensive over here..
uh, ICP...

VK's are all tube...
1 - 8 of 38 Posts
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