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Well after a trip to the doctor I got my amp back today. It is an Ampeg SJ-12R combo and had developed a bad case of noise. The tech did a super job on the repair, it had him stumped for a short period but he came through and did a fine tune up on it. The amp just has the normal tube amp noise now less than some I have used lately. But tone ..... wow does it kick butt, I am very pleased with the sound. Lately I have played Carr,Fender Boogie and anything I could get my hands on, and compared to the ones on the list I think my little ampeg is as sweet as the best of them. Although the Carr was mighty impressive.. well tubes are warming up, gotta go.....:rockon2:

By the way the shop is called Hank to Hendrix in Peterborough and the Tech is Tony H. highly recommend shop, some real interesting guitars,amps and gear.
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