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Got Kicked Out

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Well finally resettled back home after living in a hotel for 12 days and I can honestly can say the worst 12 days in tons of years. At first we thought it might be nice and dont get me wrong the hotel Sandman Signiture was okay and the food was pretty good ( Chops ) but you never realize just how much one can be in love with their own beds.
And its really different then say a holiday hotel stay where you spend the days literally out and about and its really only good for sleeping in but when you are in your own city and the wife is still working well it sucks as you have really nothing you can do except to go for random drives to no where or go to eat out ( which really isn't good for ones waistline lost 10 lbs in 6 weeks only to put it right back shite ).
And then we have to force the contractor to stay on line with the final dates on going home and finding little bits of damage on the walls ( small dings and scraps ) which they did clean and repaint however I would have filled the holes myself ( or maybe I am just getting to be a nit picker not just think its better to do it right and make any job perfect as one can make it )
So now I have some more work to do to make it my right and hope to hell that we never have another exterior leak or any kind of leak, I realized I am getting to old for this kind of shite and have a smaller amount of patients to deal with this stuff.
But my floors look wonderful and its awesome to be back in my own bed and in my kitchen again and even had a moment with my guitars awe the love they gave was so nice.
Well thats my bitch and pray it never happens again.
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The best part of going away is coming home.
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I always love this Ron Swanson quote.
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Out of university, started to work were lots of time was out of the country. At first I loved it. But eventually got real feed up and tired of it... bad sleep all the time.. different mattress. .. bad food... I changed fields and never missed that part of the job...

I agree entirely. There's no place like home!
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We need to go away on business trips a couple times a year and usually are gone 1-3 weeks. We usually take our own travel trailer which is fairly nice. It's 23' long with a small slide-out. We have made it as comfortable as possible but even though we own it, it's not like home. We are always glad to get home and get settled back into our regular routine.
I hear ya man. I spent a few summers living out of Comfort Inns across the Maritimes. Home is a good thing.
Good to hear a happy ending. Enjoy everyday at home
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