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Got another cheapie on the way.

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I can't resist taking a leap of faith on these cheapy guitars. This one is an SX GG1 Supreme. Here's the link:

The price is stupid low, especially for a solid mahogany body/set neck. How can you go wrong? I am expecting the pickups and tuners to be shite, and probably the electronics too. I'll even do a fret job on it if I have to. I think it will look great with black/cream Duncans in it, cream pickup rings to match, and less the pickguard.

This is my third cheapie. I have an SX GG2, which is an Explorer type thingie, and I have a Xaviere XV500, which is a cross between a Zemaitis and a Les Paul.

Yes, I own several expensive guitars, but I like to spread it around you know! :D
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I've seen these SX guitars on sale at Cash Converters. Man, you certainly know you cheepies. :D
Honestly, if you saw my GG2, and played it, you would simply not believe it cost me $159.
I would like to see a full review once recieved Huff.... some pics maybe?
Its amazing what you can get today for so little Payola$. Back in the 80s, beginner guitars for $159 were complete crap. The interesting thing is that a Gibson Les Paul Custom back then streeted at about a grand. So quality has improved at both ends of the spectrum, but price has only improved at the low end.........................
I'm tempted by a SLAMMER LP clone that's on sale at the local Cash Perverters. $259 Cdn. 1 1/2" thick. Nice cosmetics for the price. But I have a recently employed 24 year old child at home with a mound of debt. Don't ask:eek:
Overall impression: They should not be allowed to sell these guitars this cheap!!!

I ordered this guitar expecting some flaws, and assuming I would have to replace some hardware, and probably the pickups too.

Flaws - The flame maple veneer (not photoflame) on the top has some tearout at the waist on the left side where it was routed for the binding. It's very minor (I'll post some pics later today), but if this were an expensive guitar, I would send it back. The only other flaw is that the amber colored dye is a little uneven on the edge of the guitar at the bottom near the strap button. It's a little blotchy. (again I'll post some pics later).

Other than that, the workmanship is fantastic, the finish is gorgeous, and overall the guitar looks great. The action was kinda high, so I cranked it down to where I like it, and expected the strings to be fretting out all over the place. Nope. A small amount of buzz, but no dead spots whatsoever. The neck is not chunky, but not super slim, a comfortable C shape. The tuners seem to be pretty good, not notchy, or too sloppy. I'll probably do some nut work on it, in fact I'll make a bone nut for it. I plugged it in this morning, and the stock pickups are actually pretty damn good. I'm still gonna change them eventually, but I'll not be in any hurry. I'll have to do a set-up, because the intonation is off.

Anyway, I'm really super impressed at what you can get for $189. I wouldn't hesitate to play this thing at a gig.

Well, here's a couple of pics.

The blotchy area

The rough veneer edge
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Man, that's a bitchin color!

Looks sweet man.:food-smiley-004:

For that kind of money you can't beat it. I have not played it, but it looks great and I will take your review as written. So again, for that kind of money you absolutely cannot go wrong !! :2guns:
Looks pretty good, but for just a few bucks more you can often get an Agile (same place) if you watch the sales. I've heard from several people that their SX are quite good, but the general impression seems that Agiles are better and much more consistent from guitar to guitar. Plus, on Agiles you get Groover tuners!!!!

I just picked up two barely used Agiles. I may sell the one (LP Double Cut P90) but want to play it first. The other one is an SG copy. These are Agile's number 3 and 4!!!!!!

wow nice looking guitar, especially for that price
congrats man.:food-smiley-004:
That's a hot looking axe!

What was the final price CDN after shipping, customs etc?
This AL2000 is on sale for $129.95 With cream plasic it would look pretty nice.

...check out this tele clone. approx $200 canadian.

i've never even heard of this company.

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