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Got an idea for an improv competition.

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How about someone choose a backing track we all have to improv to and post up your improv and the best will win. How about it?
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Alright How about this one:

Choose number 6:

Cm-Am7b5-Eb-D7 (100Bpm)

Progression2.mp3 (0,98mb)


So just post your improv to this. Lets say in a week well stop the competition and people vote. Ok?
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That's a cool site. Would you run us thru the technicalities of how to do what you suggest. What to do...? download the back up track to a recorder, play along,record,upload to pc and send back to GC as an MP3 attachment?
Benee Wafers
Well, I was thinking that you download the backing track. Play the backing track on the computer with you improving to it and record with a computer mic or whatever. Then upload it on the internet and provide a link. Try to upload. Well we can have a couple different competitions. How about first we do something with this backing track then the one zao_89 provided? So get your improvs in in the next 2 weeks lets say.
I guess this idea was impractical..
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