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Got A New Bass

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:D I bought an Ibanez SR506 today, at Fleet Pro Sound & Lighting, for $720 new.:D I'll get some pics up tomorrow.
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Very nice. I've always been a fan of Ibanez basses. Had a few myself. :rockon:
james on bass said:
Hey - you've never posted a pic!
yeah, my dad lost the cable to plug the camera into my laptop:mad: but I got a new cell phone, so I'll try to get some pics from that
here you go james...sorry about the shitty quality.:sport-smiley-002:

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grr...only allowed 4 images per post:mad:

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Very nice. Always loved the Soundgear line! I would really like to get a 6 string again sometime, but first, I need to figure out how to get the second SX by my wife.
and in the background you can see what should be our dining room, but got turned into the office, when our basement got flooded a while back.
David St Hubbins said:
That thing looks like it needs a big hand to get at all those strings. Is it a heavy guitar?
not really because the neck is longer, so the body is stubbier. so It's not a lot heavier than my yamaha bass.
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