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Gopro studio...what a piece of crap

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So I am trying to add audio to some gopro footage I have

it is not possible to zoom in, on the timeline. So it is a major pain in the ass to try & sync up audio to a video clip. especially if it is say 20 mins long.

the wav forms do not show for the audio either, so you have no visual indicator to try and sync

seriously? those are BASIC editing necessities. How could they not include them?

I just spent 30 mins nudging audio to try and get sync happening. and it's still not 100%

looking into Davinci Resolve instead. But apparently you still need to run it thru a gopro conversion process, to convert from raw gopro to something other software can use properly
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Your GoPro video should be stored on the media card as MPEG-4 video. Every video editing suite can handle that. I've never used GoPro Studio to my in car racing vids.
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