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Custom Goodwood Audio Interfacer: $499.00

What does it do? Great question!
Custom interface meant to simply life whether you use an amp/cab sim direct; or an amp; or both. This was designed with a Strymon Iridium/Walrus ACS1 in mind. It also allows the user the freedom to run direct; run direct plus amp(s); or, just amps; without the hassle of extra DI’s and cables. Once wired, it's plug and play.

Use cases:
Sending your pedalboard straight to FOH in mono or stereo

Sending your pedalboard right to your amp(s) in mono, stereo, or wet dry

Sending your pedalboard to FOH via XLR, and to your amps for some stage volume

· Buffered input and loops

· Dedicated tuner out

· Mute switch

· Loop #1 (where you might place drive pedals)

· Send & return with aux power tap (think audition slot, or active volume pedal)

· Loop #2 (where you might place your wet effects)

· Amp Sim/Cab Sim Loop

· Isolated left and right balanced XLR outputs to send your amp/cab sim direct to FOH/interface

· Isolated left and right ¼” outputs to send to your amps or hi-Z

· Ground lift

· Phase invert

· Stereo or sum

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