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Roman Guitars Closing
(Port Washington, NY - June 14, 2007) Las Vegas-based Ed Roman Guitars, known as “The World’s Largest Guitar Store,” began liquidating its assets on June 13. This comes six months after Roman sold the business to a company operating area car dealerships. According to Roman, nine employees were let go in May, followed by 13 more on June 13. Roman believes a car dealership will replace his store, due to the potential for more profits.
“I want everyone to know I’ll be back and everything will be made whole,” said Roman. “I am in the process of buying my name back. I didn’t sign any non-compete clause, so I hope to reopen a store, although it won’t be as large as my last one.”
According to Roman, his potential new store would also open in the Las Vegas area.

Accept2, can you post the link to the original news article? I tried google'ing for it and came up with nothing. Thanks!
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