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Gone Fishing!

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Going on a fly in fishing trip next week. Annual thing with my dad and brother.

We get dropped off by beaver on a remote lake(our secret). There's a beat up hunting cabin and an outdoor shithouse that's it. Nothing like being in the middle of no where with absolutely no contact with the rest of the world until the plane returns to pick you up.

Fishing kicks butt, on a good morning we can hammer 30 walleye each in an hour. :banana: Drink beer all day. Repeat the fishing in the evening.
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Especially when there's a beaver involved.

Have fun.
I've seen some big beavers in my life.....
Hmmm, they all seem quite small and cute to me.:banana:

But I was being half serious, I used to trap beaver when I was a kid. I've continued the activity in a different form now. :D
Trap them?

I just get them drunk.


Sorry, the individuals responsible for dragging this wholesome thread into the muck have been sacked.
1 - 3 of 17 Posts
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