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I have a 2004 LG Signature that I absolutely love. It's a AA flame top, but it's as nice or nicer than some the the AAA Godins I've seen. I love the neck myself, but it's not for everybody. The pickups aren't exactly what I like - a SD Custom V (I think - basically a Custom Custom with an Alnico V instead of an Alnico II, but I'm not sure exactly) and a SD Jazz II. A little too bright & twangy for my taste. It does sound great (excellent in-between jazzy tones), but I like it a little darker & not so twangy.

For what I paid for it new (factory second - very minor blemish), can't be beat. If they ever make a neck-thru, I'll be all over it.
1 - 1 of 40 Posts
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