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Great little loop switching unit. Built to the highest standards of quality. Cleans up the signal loss that you experience on your pedal board when plugging all of the pedals into one another.

This unit allows you to add each pedal to your chain when it is engaged, and remove it when you’re not using it. Extremely strong milled aluminum foot switches, powered by 9v power from your pedalboard power supply.

This switcher also has the ability to turn on effect on and another off simultaneously with the press of one footswitch thanks to the flip/flop mode switches on the back of the unit. Select which loops you would like to flip flop, and boom you’re rolling.

Small Knick to the paint of the unit next to the loop 3 and loop 4 switches but other than that, it’s in great shape and rock solid.

Comes in the original box. Asking $300 shipped



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