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past two weeks have brought some new gear aquistions...
G&L Tribute L2000 Premier
Eden Nemesis NC250 1x15 combo

Most may know I play in a couple worship teams,, and this am was the first time to gig this pair..


Once I had the 'tone' dialed in,, it was (no pun intended) pure heaven...
clear as spring rain highs,, and chest rumblin lows.. and it fit in the mix with style (band is keyboard, guitar (lead and rythm), 4 vocals, drum kit, djambe (?) and trumpet,, (plus we had the sunday school rythm section LOL)...

WOW... best $$ ever spent,,,

My collection will be suddenly becoming thinner,,
until at least the G&L Tribute JB 2 becomes available...Drool
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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