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Haven't been here in awhile...

Played last night at The Battle of the Bay Street Bands at Club Phoenix in London Ontario. It was a pretty good show from all involved (although I didn't get to see all of the bands play!). My band Prime played 2nd last just before RBC/DC (if anyone from London knows about them!). Good times all around - all of the musicians were super cool, and met some other great players and talked a bit of gear with some of the guys. We could have played better, but as you all know, playing the stage is a whole different game than practice or even soundcheck. It was fairly decent, but alas the perpetual problem of 'hearing the rest of the band' was an issue for me last night.

Set list was:

Baba O'Riley
Whole Lotta Love/Bring it on Home
Bad guitar solo by me
Sweet Child of Mine
Fire - Hendrix
We're a 'Canadian' Band
Back in the U.S.S.R.
Cooper's Eighteen
Raise a Little Hell

Kiss' Rock and Roll All Night and Free's All Right Now were on the setlist, but the event was tight for time because Mr. Lahey and Randy from Trailer Park Boys were the hosts and we had to give them adequate time to do their bit! I would have loved to have played longer (much much longer actually). It always seems that as soon as you finally start getting warmed up, you run out of time/are done your set.

Anyways, we're hoping to get out around town more. The possibility of doing a couple gigs with RBC/DC (or any incarnation of them) is floating around at the moment. Hopefully we can figure out all the details and play some more, and longer gigs. :rockon:

Here's a couple photos from the show last night:


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Robboman said:
Dirty_Frank said:
I also was getting a lot of great feedback on my Les Paul tone.

The secret:

Whoa, what's goin on there? Are you using the half-power switch and running the el-84 yellowjacket converted side alone? Or do the el34s work too?

Do elaborate..

Looks like a fun gig!
Actually, the larger tubes are 6L6s. Apparently, the YCV80 is self biasing, so you can run EL34s if you want, but I've never tried it. In terms of the whole unit, I'm running all the power amp tubes at the same time. The converters switch the voltage of the EL84s to match a 6L6, so you can run them all at the same time (I'm not a physics major, so I'm not entirely sure how the whole thing works). It still keeps the glassy sound and the headroom, but the tubes really growl when pushed hard (moreso than just 4 6L6s).
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