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Is anyone here familiar with Gibson fret sizes? If so, would you have any idea of the size of the frets on the guitar linked below and how those would translate to Fender fret sizes (ie. vintage, medium-jumbo, etc.)?

I own the guitar at these links and really like the neck. Thanks to @jdto I am considering, maybe, making another purchase (I hate him soooo much right now) and am trying to figure out how the frets on my ES-335 would translate to Fender frets. I have a Partscaster Tele with a Classic '60s neck on it. That guitar has the 7.25" vintage radius with the small, vintage sized Fender frets but my friend the guitar tech has it right now to fix a grounding issue so I cannot just grab the two guitars to compare them.

I will email Gibson to ask about this, but expect that it might take some time to get a reply and figured that someone here might know.


Gibson - 2016 ES-335 Satin in Sunset Burst Ltd
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