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Most of the parts came in for the SG rebuild... got some nice CNC files ready to go, once the 90' v-groove bit comes in.

Right now, I'm looking at the finish. Mine's a bit off, looks like someone added a few layers of ??? something to it.

Looking at photos of how it should look... it's a very very thin finish and can see some grain through the finish as well. I was thinking of using a can of Oxford sealer, then their mahogany nitro then satin nitro... but given how thin it is and the visible grain, I thought I'd look for some advice. Until now, I've only ever used solid colours and 2K glossy clear on guitars so not much experience with these finishes.

No sealer, mahogany nitro, 2-3 coats of satin nitro?

Stain, seal and satin?

Skip nitro, just stain and tung oil?

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