2004 or 2005 Gibson ES-335 Dot in classic black with OHSC.

Great sounding guitar but i'm just not using it much.

Guitar is in great shape and was set up earlier this year by Ted Woodford in Hamilton. I replaced the bridge with a GOTOH that does not use a retaining wire. The original bridge was buzzing/noisy on certain strings and notes when playing. The Gotoh is a much better bridge but I will include the original ABR-1 (as well as a spare ABR-1 I picked up that I didn't end up using). Everything else is original and in good working order.

Guitar has regular signs of wear/use for an 18-year-old guitar.

There are 2 areas that are a little more than just wear and tear that I have tried my best to capture in the pictures:
  • 3 small (~1 inch long and not through the paint) scratches on the back which may be hard to pick up in the pictures
  • chipped/missing paint near the lower strap button

Not desperate or even completely sure I want to sell if i'm being completely honest. I love the style of guitar but I want to fund other purchases.

I've got it listed here and on kijiji at $3500, am more inclined to make a deal for GC members. Local sale only - not interested in shipping

I would be interested in trades for the following guitars (with appropriate cash where applicable) only:
Ibanez RT series guitars
Epiphone Dot Studio
Ibanez 335 style guitar
Jackson Y2KV
Gordie Johnson SG