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So somehow the tremolo arm threads in the original zinc block of my 2016 Stratocaster became worn out and I couldn't tighten the arm as much as I wanted.

Was going to go with the Callaham bridge but thought I'd just try the GFS (Guitar Fetish) Solid Brass Trem Block first. As the ceramic magnets on my HSS are already pretty bright, I chose brass to get a warmer tone.

The whole install took about 30 min including cleaning up the accumulated gunk under the saddles. I measured the saddle's positions before I removed them and installed them back in the same order with the same spacing so I could save time not having to re-intonate.

Results? It's a big, big difference. The sustain is vastly improved and it's a bit brighter. As brass is supposed to be warmer, I'm glad I went that route as the steel would have been too bright.

Overall, this has taken the guitar from an already powerfully toned machine to a whole new level. I wouldn't recommend this for jazz players but anyone playing rock or metal will benefit from this inexpensive upgrade.

If you have Alnicos as opposed the ceramic pickups, this will be an even bigger improvement for you as I find my American Strats missing a bit at the high end. Highly recommended.
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