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Jeff Flowerday said:
I see more traffic here since, but we don't have the volume or content to entertain, plus this a Canadian only site.

In all reality, I'm still pissed they lost everything, it was invaluable to me.

I think they had 10000+ members who had contributed 5+ years worth of gear experiences.

May 15th they will fire up again, within a day they will have twice as many members from around the world and 10 times the content. I'll be one of them.

I think most Canadians by nature lay back and take things in, they aren't up to initiating posts etc... We have some good people here but we really need our lurkers to start adding content and speak up. Another thing is a good portion of gear page content was expensive boutique stuff. Seems whenever I talk about a expensive guitar or amp here I have 3 replies from fellow Canadians that think I'm nuts for spending over $150 on a piece of gear. I'm exagerating of course but you get my gist.

I miss the gear page already.

I couldn't agree more and I'll be back there ASAP.
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