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Garnet stencil amplifier for guitar or harp. 5S model. Garnet SA# LR24510 Out of all the garnet amps I've owned over the years, this one is by far the cleanest. Literally a closet amp, someone forgot about since the 70's. I was really surprised how great it sounded. Starts breaking up nicely at around 6 on the volume knob, and gives you that early 1975 AC-DC Jailbreak type sound. Could be a great harp amp as well. Has the original Tesla ARO666 8 ohm 8" speaker.(Yes, that's 666 stamped into the speaker lol). Volume and tone pots dated at S-8970. Has a grounded power plug. Visually, this is near mint. I was quite shocked to find one this clean. Online, the ones I found were all torn up and not nearly as nice, and were selling for $100 US plus shipping. I just bought a Fortin plug in amp package for DAW, so I'm selling this to recoup my money spent on that.

$99 plus shipping from Vancouver BC area


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