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Fun gig last night!

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Played the Derby in Strathroy last night.

More fun than usual this time.

By about 11:30 the place was packed with co-workers of mine just getting off shift. A few of them had been off earlier in the day and were already quite primed and rowdy when they got there.

Part way through the 2nd set, a friend from work came stumbling near the stage and I knew he was up to something. He threw a pair of underware at me! They wound up swinging from the neck of my bass. Nice ones too - size XXXL grannie panties with "I Love You James" in black marker on them. Everyone from work loved the band. I noticed a few camera flashes going off as well - I guess a number of them want to prove their boss can have some fun and cut loose a bit.

As I was setting up a little earlier in the night, a fine gentleman came up to me and introduced himself as Mark, aka "Lowtones". That was pretty cool to meet a fellow forumite and talk shop over a couple beers. :food-smiley-004: He stayed for most of the first set and said our mix sounded pretty good which is always one of my concerns.

I guess you didn't like it well enough to stay until 3:00am and help me tear down though eh Mark? :tongue:
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Lowtones said:

Next time give us a little notice and I'll drag Dave along. I tried to get hold of him last night but he was probably already in bed as it was after eight on a Friday evening.
Actually I was at the Red Hot weekend thing with Orchestra London. Wasn't bad but I'm sure I'd have preferred James.
(I was still in bed by 11:00) :food-smiley-004:

I wish more bars would start running the Saturday matinee thing, gotta be good for them if the Richmond is any indication.
Lowtones said:
The only downside to the evening was that James showed me his new Bass and now I'm gassing for a 6 string.
I'll never understand that whole G.A.S. thing. :banana:

James, did you get your band problems sorted out? I think you were having drummer problems weren't you? (join the club btw).
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