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Went on a pedal splurge and reacquired a Cornish CC-1 and my Van Weelden Royal Overdrive. Both sound great and really happy to have the RO again. There is no other unit like it and it's the equivalent of having a Marshall on 10 without the bottom of your pants flapping from the sheer volume.

The new pedal is the Free the Tone Ambi Space Reverb. I'm typically not a huge fan of Reverb and only use a splash here and there. The unit is quiet and very easy to use. The mode switch allows to use the unit manually or with 4 presets.

The reverbs are really nice. Even with the mix switch set low, there is a fair amount of verb and with the wet mix set high, it can cover everything for surf to dreamy ambient swirly tones.

I really like the Spring, Plate and the Serene mode for long ambient tones.

Great unit and pedalboard friendly with its small footprint.

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1 - 2 of 2 Posts