Items For Trade:

Looking to trade a beautiful condition Carr Skylark (black tolex) straight up for a Carr Rambler (looking for more headroom) or a Carr Sportsman + $450.

Only played at home and in the studio. Just replaced the power tubes with brand new Tung Sols this month. Also includes custom padded case from Studio Slips.

We can talk cash adjustments for condition of the amps, case, etc, of course.

Skylark is beautiful and amazing, but I’m not really using its overdrive capabilities, and I find I’m bumping into its headroom when I don’t want to (usually inadvertently goosing the front end with too much midrange from my effects). I could use the additional clean headroom of one of these other Carr’s.

If you’re near Ottawa and looking to trade into a Skylark and get all its great tweedy tones, let me know