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Free Traynor cab day!

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I was at the dump to drop off an old TV today and here was this cab in the trash. Exterior is in great shape. The metal corner are missing, 3 speakers are dead and one is working but it isn't really loud. After cleaning the tolex it looks almost new. I have a couple speakers that I'll be putting in there. Would you recommend leaving two dead speakers in the wholes or removing them?

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Is that the 4x8 10 or 12? Cool score. They work good for guitar.

The bottom 2 Marslands (I would say original, except that those were only used in later Traynor Bumper style columns) suck anyway (and I am a Marsland fan) so no real loss there if those don't work. Check the wiring tho - that could be it.

I have a pair of 4x12 bumper style ones - I changed all the speakers out.
They are 12's. I'm planning on removing all the speakers and installing two new ones and leaving two empty or with dead speakers.
I'll try this and get back to you :)

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I'm thinking I need a second one on the left for a kick ass stereo sound!
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Man, I wish I found stuff like this in the trash! Too bad you sold your bassmate head because I believe it is exactly the same size.
Nah the Bass Mate was definitely wider than this cab.
The dark/iron horse on the left there (right?) would be a good match.
It's a Dark Horse, yeah, finally a cab that wouldn't make it look so small :)
Now to figure out which corner is the better copy? Anyone?

Amp Corners - Canada

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Well I fired everything up and it sounds great. It's missing some bottom end but that's probably cause it's not a very deep cab.

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