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Free Traynor cab day!

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I was at the dump to drop off an old TV today and here was this cab in the trash. Exterior is in great shape. The metal corner are missing, 3 speakers are dead and one is working but it isn't really loud. After cleaning the tolex it looks almost new. I have a couple speakers that I'll be putting in there. Would you recommend leaving two dead speakers in the wholes or removing them?

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Man, I wish I found stuff like this in the trash! Too bad you sold your bassmate head because I believe it is exactly the same size.
Nah the Bass Mate was definitely wider than this cab.
I know guys who have used these cabs to create combos out of their bassmate heads. Apparently, the chassis will mount right in cab. At any rate the iron horse will be really cool with it. Enjoy, it's quite a score!
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