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Free Traynor cab day!

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I was at the dump to drop off an old TV today and here was this cab in the trash. Exterior is in great shape. The metal corner are missing, 3 speakers are dead and one is working but it isn't really loud. After cleaning the tolex it looks almost new. I have a couple speakers that I'll be putting in there. Would you recommend leaving two dead speakers in the wholes or removing them?

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Is that the 4x8 10 or 12? Cool score. They work good for guitar.

The bottom 2 Marslands (I would say original, except that those were only used in later Traynor Bumper style columns) suck anyway (and I am a Marsland fan) so no real loss there if those don't work. Check the wiring tho - that could be it.

I have a pair of 4x12 bumper style ones - I changed all the speakers out.
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They are 12's. I'm planning on removing all the speakers and installing two new ones and leaving two empty or with dead speakers.
I recommend dead speakers vs empty holes. 1 it looks better and 2 you get a passive radiator (like bass reflex aka ported, except instead of a mass of air resonating in the tube you have a cone). You tune it by adding weight to the cone (e.g. glue pennies to the dust cap). If you use those old dead Marslands, paint the cone with slightly watered down wood or white glue to stiffen them up a bit. A couple coats front and back.

FYI, that's what I did with mine - 1 EV and 1 Black Widow per side + 2 passive radiators made out of those old Marsland frames - the magnets come off if you tap them with a hammer (just dead weight), replace the dust cap with a circle of thick cardboard and put a bolt through it with a wing nut on the front. Add washers as weight to the bolt to tune.
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The dark/iron horse on the left there (right?) would be a good match.
Well I fired everything up and it sounds great. It's missing some bottom end but that's probably cause it's not a very deep cab.
Try adding weight to the passives.
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