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Fractal FM9 - the best of all digital worlds?

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I've had my FM9 for a few weeks now and I thought I'd leave a review in case you're on the list and wondering whether to buy or thinking of getting on the list. In short I feel that this is an amazing value and can't be beat if you're looking for an all in one unit. I've owned the Helix and Kemper Floor. What sets it apart?

1. Best Dual amp set up - The Kemper community has begged for this for a long time. The Helix can do it but IMO the Fractal modelling is a step above in feel and detail. When you consider the amp blocks can actually include four separate "channels" which are really amps for 8 amps in one preset and it's not a contest.

2. Superior Switching - this was what I loved about the AFX3 when I had it. The degree to which you can make the controller do what you want is above every other unit. Only the MC8 is really comparable. You get that power built in.

3. DSP - if you know you know.

4. No compromises - with almost every other unit people say "it's great but..." the reverbs could be better, the drive pedals aren't great blah blah. I don't feel one can say that here. Add to that Cliff's undying commitment to improvement.

There's much more that could be said but I'll leave it there. Feel free to drop off any questions or comments.
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I used to love my Line 6 Flextone too. 馃槑馃槃馃槃馃槃
And you may have dialled it in to the point where in a blind test, no one could tell you it was a flextone ;)
Actually, I did quite like it with headphones, not so much as an amp. I鈥檓 mostly just trying to give Tim a hard time. :p
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