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Found a Nice Noodling Tone

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Sitting here in my basement everything room. Listening to internet radio - Radio IO Jam. The Roland Blues Cube is undergoing a speaker transplant ( a Private Jack). My Hamer P90 Special went in for a pup change, shielding and a tone cap exchange. So,... I running my MIJ Epi Riviera (~1978) with Gibson '57s (both vol - 5, n. tone 3, b tone 10) mostly using the neck pup, though a TS-9 (brown mod) and Boss CE-3, into a Gibson GA-5, vol at 10:30.

Got a really nice tone for noodling around. Made me feel good and played more. Just thought I would share.
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violation said:
Any sound clips? I want to hear it!
(With Embarrassment) I don't have a recording setup except through my Line 6 GuitarPort. So I am,.... RECORDLESS! :frown: :mad: :frown:
Hah, that's cool.

If you're lookin' for a cheap but decent sounding recording setup, I use a Behringer UB502 mixer and Peavey PVM22 mic... swap the PVM for a Shure SM57 though! I'm usin' the PVM 'cause my step dad already had it, but wasn't using it so I just grabbed.

Behringer UB502 = $49

Shure SM57 = $109

Planet Waves 1/4 Female to 1/8 male = $9.35

Planet Waves 25 foot XLR cable = $29

RCA male to male cables (red and white ones... you can use red, white and yellow but the yellow won't be plugged in as it's for video)... they come with DVD players, etc. You may have some lying around the house, I know I have TONS. Not positive how much they cost seperate.

2 x RCA female to 1/4 male adapter.

Then just run the XLR from the mic to the mixer, RCA male to male into the tape out on the mixer, plug the other male end into the 2 x RCA female to 1/4 male adapter, the 1/4 male end from that adapter into the 1/4 female to 1/8 male adapter, then that into the 'Line In' port on your PC.

Download and install Audacity, now you're ready to record!

Here's a sample with the PVM, the amp volume was fairly low so the mixer gain was up a bit.

From 2 months ago... I sucked pretty bad in that one... but I had only been playing for 9 months, lol.
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Robert1950 said:
(With Embarrassment) I don't have a recording setup except through my Line 6 GuitarPort. So I am,.... RECORDLESS! :frown: :mad: :frown:
you just need some mic that can run without phantom power, and a $1.00 adaptor
Do you need a mixer between the computer and mic? Guess you can tell I am a novice at this recording thing to.
You need a preamp... your soundcard already has one, but it's only meant for speech and a cheap mic so the results will be pretty bad. The mixer I listed has a preamp built in, and it's a pretty good deal for what you get.

So you could get, say a Behringer Tube Ultragain Mic100 preamp ($70, has phantom power if your mic requires it), plug the mic into that and go from the preamp to 'Line In' on the back of your PC. I know a few people that do that and get decent results as well.
So could I use the tube section of my Tube Tape Echo as mike preamp?
chesterb said:
So could I use the tube section of my Tube Tape Echo as mike preamp?
I have no idea what that is, lol.

But if it has a XLR input and balanced 1/4 output there should be no problem... just run the XLR to the mic the other end into the preamp, then take a 1/4 instrument cable and run that from the output into a 1/4 female to 1/8 male adapter and plug the 1/8 end into the 'Line In' port.
Its a Fulltone Tube Tape Echo. Its a recreation of the old Echoplexes from the 70's. You can bypass the echo mode and just run it through the tubes. It really warms up a guitar sound. Thought it might work as a tube pre.
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