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So there was this guitar traders event last week and figured I'd check it out. I got there quite early so as not to miss any treasures. Sure enough 5 minutes after arriving I look down at a table and there sat a CE-2 with all its glorious battle scars. I picked it up and looked at the label underneath. Made in Japan. I asked how much and he said "forty bucks, works". I didn't need a chorus pedal but this was the CE-2 I heard so much about. I stood there for 10 minutes debating the decision which really should have been a no-brainer. My father-in-law was with me and I told him the legend of the CE-2. He looked at the merchant and said "Oh I'll buy it then!" Later that week I asked him if he tried the pedal and he said it doesn't work. Shoot! I went home and got a power supply plugged it in and it came to life! He had a new battery in there but the problem was that the negative wire on the connection was not attached. We sat there enjoying the swirly sonics for 20 minutes. He shoots he scores!
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If this little guy could speak... oh the stories!

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Wires needing attention

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Looking a little better

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Well, I guess my father-in-law got himself a MIJ Boss CE-2. Why didn't I buy it? Why? Snooze ya lose I guess.
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