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For those who love arcade style racing...

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This is absolutely the best arcade style racing game I have EVER played. I installed it yesterday and its very addicting. It is a FREE full game, and the graphics,gameplay and everything is great. I have bought the past trackmania games, and this one is the best even though its free!!! You can play online against many people all over the world, and even see your personal ranking, and the ranking of your country.
Don't let the small download size fool ya, its very very good.
I usually hook up my computer to my television screen since my video card has dual outputs, and it looks even better on that.

edit: you can also build your own tracks to play online with, and the options and track pieces are LIMITLESS!!! so many creations you can make, its unbelieveable.

Plus, you can fully customize your car with decals, etc and lots of stuff. VERY VERY cool.
Please at least check it out! You can race tracks that are more like real life, etc or you can race tracks that are totally over the top like:

with loops and crazy stuff like that. Its fun haha.
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Looks cool, but not free. The site says I need to log in and it costs money to join.
the site I gave you (fileshack) is free. I have a free acccount there...

anyway yeah you can download the game a LOT of have fun! :)

heres the link to the page to download,

and heres the direct link to the file:
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lololol for a second i actually thaught that was a real race track and u pay to go for a spin lol

i tried go carting once and it was MADDD fun

nice find!
That looks so cool, I'll have to give this a try...
:) sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet
downloading now from file planet
what a messed up game,fun as all hell,and just as hard,some guys look like they have a turbo boost and a grip hack,to fly around some of these tracks
yeah it does seem like they are cheating...thats what I thought at first, but yeah its probably because they just play a lot...after a while I got used to the tracks and what routes to take through turns, speed, etc. and its not bad at all. have fun!
what servers do you usually race on
Can you play Xbox games on an Xbox360 platform?

Whoops. I thought I was starting a new thread. Will somebody delete this post please?

usually the Canadian servers...I pretty much race them all
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