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The true meaning of what is said in the ad.

Great blues guitar-sounds tinny and boxy

Nice low saddle-action cannot be adjusted any lower and needs neck reset

Rare, limited edition- company stopped production due to low sales/demand

Vintage-old, probably plywood.

Has mojo-beat up and abused

Needs new strings-seller trying to convince you it sounds like crap only because of strings.

Has case-50% of these ads are gig bag only.

Best guitar I ever had-better than all my other bad guitars, even my Rogue, which cost me nearly $80.

Trying to thin the herd-would like someone to buy the worst guitar in my collection.

Sounds great plugged in-sounds like crap otherwise.

Hand picked-saw it online and bought it.

Solid woods-better get online and check the specs.

Sounds better than my Martin/Taylor/Gibson-Why not sell that one then?

Includes a pick-wow, thanks.

Only played a couple of times-bought it and hated it.

Has stickers on guitar, should come off easily-take them off then.

Some fret wear-probably beyond leveling and needs refret job.

Handmade locally-my buddy ordered a kit and glued it all together in his garage.

Great condition considering its age-hasn't imploded just yet.

Lawsuit era-misleading and probably built around 1970s.

Great slide guitar-high action and needs neck reset.
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