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Floyd Rose copy bridge

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I've got an old mid/late 80's B. C. Rich ST-3 that has a floyd rose style bridge and locking nut on it. It is only a single locker (strings come up from the bottom like a strat trem). It recently pulled apart (screws holding the top of the bridge separated from the bottom). I was able to get it fixed by using liquid steel and redrilling and tapping.

What I was wondering, does anyone know if a regular floyd rose would drop into the place of this? What measuresments etc do I have to take to figure this out. I love old girl and want to keep her playing, but I have to admit with the bridge failing, now I find myself a little hesitant to use the bar.
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Excellent! Andy to the rescue. Any preferences of a Kahler over a Floyd?
I've got an old Washburn Wonderbar setup I could use but I was saving that for a solidbody strat project I've been kicking around.
Well I guess they aren't a true Floyd copy then. There is no route for the backend fo the floyd in the top of my guitar. Besides routing one to make a real floyd fit does anyone have any other suggestions??
Wasn't the Washburn Wonderbar a Torsion bar? If so has it held up after all these years?
Held up and still going strong. Take a look at what they are going for on fleabay these days. It doesn't have the extreme dives of a floyd but a solid piece of kit that doesn't require any routing. That is why I don't want to put it on this Rich guitar, it's already routed out. I've been looking for more info on the bridge on these guitars but can't find alot. Some say they are a Kahler some say a Gotoh but haven't found examples of either that look right.

This is kinda a crappy picture but this is the type of bridge I have (no this isn't my guitar)

I guess the best thing to do is just keep playing and see if my fix holds up and worry about it if it breaks
I guess I need to check around at some of the guitar shops and pay attention to some of the old guitars.
Yeah that's the one. Exactly like mine.

I measured it all up and a floyd would require alot of changes. The posts on mine are wider spaced than the floyd and a few other measurements are out.
Thanks Kat I will check into that. I'd heading into Winnipeg in the next couple of days so I think I'll check the pawn shops out and see what that turns up.
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