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Floyd Rose copy bridge

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I've got an old mid/late 80's B. C. Rich ST-3 that has a floyd rose style bridge and locking nut on it. It is only a single locker (strings come up from the bottom like a strat trem). It recently pulled apart (screws holding the top of the bridge separated from the bottom). I was able to get it fixed by using liquid steel and redrilling and tapping.

What I was wondering, does anyone know if a regular floyd rose would drop into the place of this? What measuresments etc do I have to take to figure this out. I love old girl and want to keep her playing, but I have to admit with the bridge failing, now I find myself a little hesitant to use the bar.
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Yeah that's the one. Exactly like mine.
Well, the pics I posted are of a Series A guitar so there's another name to watch for if you're looking for parts. It's actually a guitar that I sold two day ago and the guy who bought it is planning to strip it for parts. Unfortunately I don't know how to get in touch of him. I had advertised the guitar on the Calgary Kijiji page, so maybe an ad there looking for a bridge would work.
1 - 2 of 14 Posts
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